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Policy & Outreach

Policy Submissions

National Innovation Taskforce: Policy submission of Prof Charles Spillane to the Irish Government's Innovation Taskforce 2009. 

Curator of Science Gallery HUMAN+ Exhibition

As a member of the Science Gallery's Leonardo Group, Prof. Charles Spillane was a co-Curator of the award-winning science-art Exhibition HUMAN+ The Future of our Species which explored a future of augmented abilities, authored evolution, new strategies for survival and non-human encounters through a range of installations and laboratories exploring the future of our species. The exhibition opened at Science Gallery, Trinity College Dublin, on April 15th and ran until June 2011. The HUMAN+ exhibition has since toured globally (e.g. Barcelona 2016; Singapore 2017).

Press Releases

25 April 2014: NUI Galway and Canadian Research Teams Collaborate to Decipher the Genome of Emerging Renewable Oil Crop

20 January 2014: NUI Galway-IITA-Irish Aid research collaboration helps develop vitamin-A rich maize to combat micronutrient malnutrition

17 May 2013: Irish Plant Scientists Conference Hosted by NUI Galway.

13 May 2013: New non-GM technology platform for genetic improvement of sunflower oilseed crop.

14 August 2012: Spillane Lab researchers identify role for non-coding mir-9 in breast cancer and publish findings in Journal of Biological Chemistry.

7 November 2011: Spillane lab researchers contribute to global effort to sequence genome of pigeonpea; study is published in Nature Biotechnology


25 November 2012: Spillane lab members Anish Kumar and Antoine Fort at the Plant & AgriBiosciences Research Centre (PABC) stand at the 2012 Galway Science and Technology Festival. Over 300 children enthusiastically interacted with the displays at the PABC stand throughout the day which communicated the importance of plant and agribiosciences research to sustainable development in Ireland and internationally.