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The Genetics and Biotechnology Lab conducts conducts genetics and epigenetics research on the following topics, using a combination of wet-lab and bioinformatic approaches:

  • Parent-of-origin effects (e.g. genomic imprinting) on gene expression & phenotypes (Arabidopsis thaliana).
  • Genome dosage effects on gene expression & phenotypes (Arabidopsis thaliana).
  • Novel genetics for abiotic stress tolerance in plants (Arabidopsis thaliana).
  • Clonal seeds (apomixis) and vegetatively propagated crops (with IITA - banana, yams).
  • Maize vitamin A biofortification breeding (with IITA). 
  • Biofuel & biorefinery biotechnology (Camelina sativa, miscanthus, diatoms).
  • Non-coding microRNA regulation of gene expression & epigenetic regulation in mammalian systems (human, cattle).

Our research group also has ongoing research activities in science policy-analysis, communication and outreach on biotechnology-related issues impacting on economic and social development, particularly relating to Ireland, EU and to poverty reduction in developing countries.