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Teaching & Learning

Prof. Spillane is the Director of the following postgraduate courses within the Plant & AgriBiosciences Research Centre (PABC) and lectures extensively on these postgraduate courses:

a) MScCCAFS (Climate Change, Agriculture & Food Security) (1 year)

b) MScACT (Agriculture & Climate Change Transitions) (2 year)

c) MScAgriBiosciences (1 year)

Professor Charles Spillane lectures on the following undergraduate programs and modules:

3rd year: Undenominated BSc (Plant & AgriBiosciences) degree program

PAB3104: AgriBiosciences for Sustainable Development (currently taught by Dr. David Styles)

4th year: Undenominated BSc degree program (Plant & AgriBiosciences specialisation)

PAB4106: Current Topics in Plant & AgriBiosciences (currently taught by Dr. David Styles)

PAB4101: PAB Research Project

Prof Spillane also lectures on the BSc (Biotechnology) and MSc (Biotechnology) courses on Plant and Agricultural Biotechnology topics (currently taught by Dr. Galina Brychkova)